Safety Information

Please watch
Plan a spot in a flat area (approximately 20′ X 20′ for bouncers that are 15′ X 15′) away from your house and obstructions. Grassy areas are preferable. A minimum of 4 feet clearance on all sides must be observed at all times.
*Note: Let us know in advance if setup is to be done on concrete.

Remove all sharp objects, toys, twigs, rocks, and clean ALL dog piles from the area. Inflatables will NOT be setup in unsanitary conditions.
Inflatables need an electrical source within 75 feet; generators are available for an extra charge.
Be sure to turn off all sprinklers, including underground sprinklers. Please don’t water your lawn 24 hours prior to the setup time.
All unnecessary electric wires and cables should be kept away from the inflatable.
Adult supervision is required at all times for all children.
Keep all party candies and party toys such as silly string and other toys away from inflatable. Silly String will cause permanent damage to the inflatable.
Provide water for thirsty bouncers to drink outside of the inflatable.
Plan food, drink, and snack areas a safe distance away from the inflatable.
Be sure there is enough overhead clearance from trees, wires, or any other obstructions. (See product description for height requirements)
All overnight rentals must be in a secured area.
All orders must be confirmed before delivery date.
All orders that cannot be confirmed before delivery date will be cancelled.